Caroline and Raymond’s Ultra Marathon

UltraJust-Giving-DonateCaroline and Raymond are taking part in a Ultra Marathon from Carlise-G’shead along Hadrian’s Wall for Mind in Taunton and West Somerset because they wanted to give something back to the Mental Health charity

 Caroline’s Story

In 2004 I was diagnosed with Bi-polar and Borderline Personality disorder. I was prescribed heavy duty medication, therapy and exercise as a form of behavioural and mood management.
The first 5 years I was incredibly poorly as the illness took over, losing my job, relationships, Alcohol misuse, drug use and finally my dignity. It was at this time that I was introduced to ‘Mind’ the Mental Health Charity.
With their support and input I was able to reach a more balanced understanding of myself and the world around me and, as I improved physically and mentally, I took up running.
Since then running has been a massive part our lives. We’ve taken part in many 10k events, dualathons and a few cross-country races-BUT the furthest we’ve ever run in one go is 13.5miles. We decided as a couple that we would like to firstly give something back to the charity that helped me in my darkest hours. We truly believe without their support and help I wouldn’t be here today.
Secondly we wanted to challenge ourselves in a manner that would force us too dig really deep to compete in something that I never thought I’d
A) be alive to do
B) be able to complete.
We also wanted to highlight to people that having mental health problems doesn’t define me as a person but more it being a part of who I am. It has been a tough ten years but I have made it through. I’m now off the drink and the drugs and work full-time. So with a full heart of appreciation here is a BIG THANK YOU to Mind In Taunton & West Somerset our local Mental Health Charity.
Please give generously guys as every penny makes a difference.
xx Caroline and Ray xx