Donations In Memoriam

A donation in memory of a loved one, perhaps in lieu of flowers at a funeral, is a very valuable and positive way to celebrate their life, whilst also helping Mind in Taunton and West Somerset to support those living with mental health problems throughout Somerset.

Making a gift in memory of a friend or relative will enable us to provide valuable, independent mental health support services. For example, a gift of £200 could fund our out of hours helpline for people in emotional distress, MindLine.

Funeral Directors are usually able to organise collection of contributions and take responsibility for forwarding them to us. The donations are noted in the name of the deceased person and we send an acknowledgement to the next of kin.

Alternatively you may wish to organise a collection yourself and are welcome to visit the office in person, make a donation online through our JustGiving page or send a cheque (made payable to “Mind in Taunton and West Somerset”) to:

Mind in Taunton and West Somerset
44 Station Road




However you decide to make your gift we will be very grateful for your support.