Leaving a legacy to Mind TWS

If you need further information about remembering Mind TWS in your will please contact us on (01823) 334906 or email Mail@mindtws.org.uk


The importance of making a will

One in five people die in the UK without having made a will. Having a will offers you the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones are protected from unnecessary, complicated legal or financial issues in the event of your death.

Making a will and keeping it up to date is the only way of ensuring that whatever you have – no matter how much or how little – goes to the people and causes that are important to you.

Leaving a gift in your will

Including Mind in Taunton & West Somerset in your will (sometimes called leaving a legacy) is an easy and cost effective to support our work. A charity legacy is exempt from inheritance tax and as such is probably one of the most tax effective ways of giving.

What’s In a name?

Often when people talk about Mind in Taunton & West Somerset and the work we do the name of our charity will be shorthanded to ‘Mind’ or ‘Mind Charity’. ‘Mind’ is the name of the national mental health charity whereas Mind In Taunton & West Somerset, or Mind TWS, only work in Somerset. Although we do work with national Mind we are a separate organisation.

Therefore if you wish to remember Mind Taunton & West Somerset in your will it is important that you name the organisation in full.

If you don’t already have a will

If you are making a will for the first time it is simple to include a short paragraph detailing a gift to charity. There are several types of charity legacy you can leave in a will:

  • A residuary gift – this is the remainder (or a share of) your estate after expenses and other gifts have been deducted
  • A pecuniary gift – a fixed sum of money
  • A specific gift – this is a specific item, such as a house or painting
  • To make a will, it is a good idea to seek professional advice from a solicitor or legal advisor. If you don’t have a solicitor, ask a friend, family member or bank manager to recommend one.

Keeping your will up to date

It is very important to keep your will up to date otherwise it may not reflect your wishes at the time of your death. At a time of great sorrow, this can cause extra heartache for friends and family.

When your circumstances change it is important to update your will accordingly. If you already have a will but would like to make a legacy gift to Mind in Taunton and West Somerset you can make an addition.

Speak to your solicitor about any changes you want to make – they can attach a written instruction to your existing will, called a codicil. Do not try and make changes yourself as you may invalidate your will.

But I don’t have enough money to leave anything in my will…

It is a common misconception that a legacy has to be a huge sum of money. This is not the case. Any amount of money you can leave – big or small – will make a valuable contribution to our work.

How you can make a difference

Mind in Taunton and West Somerset works across the county supporting people in emotional distress. We help over 2,000 people every year by:

  • Enabling people with mental health problems to enjoy fulfilling lives and to aid them on their recovery journey. We provide drop ins, group work and one-to-one support.
  • Providing confidential out of hours telephone support for people in crisis and for their carers.
  • Helping people in isolated communities to access the services they need.
  • Providing volunteering opportunities for service users and survivors wanting to learn new skills and take on new challenges

But we cannot do this without your help. Please support Mind in Taunton and West Somerset.
Please let us know

If you are planning to leave a gift in your will to Mind in Taunton and West Somerset, it would really help us to know. Email Mail@MindTWS.org.uk if you would like to contact us about any of the above.