Project Manager :David Topham

 Phone: 01823 334906

Ecotherapy is about getting out into the natural environment, doing something physical and to feel better about life.

Research, and our experience, has shown that this is a powerful way to lift mood and feel more positive.

Participants not only experience an improvement in their wellbeing but also report an increase in confidence.

Unfortunately we are unable to run Ecotherapy at this time, however, we are hoping to start again in the near future. 



You may of read in this Friday’s Metro that Marie Claire Oziem has been fundraising for Mind TWS in order for us to run the EcoTherapy Project , ‘Go Wild Live Well’ , once again!

Read Marie Claire’s Blog about becoming the first woman to walk from Land’s End To John O’Groats here and please make a well deserved donation on her JustGiving Page.