Help Is at Hand

 This guide has been designed to help you to choose when and what sections are most appropriate for you. It is not intended as something you need to read through from cover to cover.
Your family, friends or colleagues may also find it helpful to look through this guide so that they can begin to try and understand a little of what you are going through and how to find the right help.
Some sections focus on how you may be feeling; others on what may be happening. Throughout – and in more detail at the back – are some suggestions for sources of further support. There are also quotes from people who have been bereaved and who have experienced some of what you may be going through.

A downloadable copy for you to keep is here: Help is at Hand.


In the links below you will find power point presentations from 2014’s Suicide prevention conference.

Men and Suicide conference

Somerset Suicide Prevention Update 2014


You can either download or read our Bereavement card on line. There are many helpful links with Information.


A series of interviews with offering advice and support for dealing with bereavement