How can we help Children and young people through their grief?

We know we can’t ‘fix’ what has happened (although we wish we could), these things change our lives forever, but we can help each other and slowly start to feel a bit better

Always remember…

  • It’s ok to feel upset, sad, angry, scared and lonely
  • It’s ok to feel happy… or to feel lots of feelings at once!!
  • This is all normal
  • It can help to share memories and stories about your special person

How can we help?

  • by helping children and young people to understand that grief is normal
  • by supporting children and young people to cope with loss and grief
  • by working with other people such as your teachers so that they can help you too
  • by helping other people to understand loss and how this can make you feel
  • by helping you to remember your special person

In the Video below young Sam creates a Memory Jar In memory of his Father.